Pub Restaurants and the use of them as Wedding Venues

For any couple trying to find suitable wedding venues sutton coldfield has plenty of options. However, hotels and pubs make some of the best venues and have several advantages.

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If you are planning your wedding you probably have some idea of how many things have to be planned and booked. Choosing the right venue is obviously important and many hotels all over the UK have started to offer wedding packages. Being able to hold the wedding ceremony and the reception in the same place obviously makes things a lot easier and reduces some of the planning and the associated stress. And of course if some of your guests need accommodation it's taken care of too. The honeymoon can also be in the same hotel; many better UK hotels make ideal honeymoon destinations, offering luxurious rooms, excellent local food and good service. Many larger hotels are easy to get to by road or rail, another consideration, and cater to any elderly or disabled guests. If you want something a little more informal, many pubs and restaurants

have realised the benefit of hosting weddings and offer plenty of space for a reception, a more relaxed atmosphere and of course some of the best food around.

Saving Money

Most couples realise early on in the planning process just how costly it can be to tie the knot. One advantage of choosing a pub or hotel for your wedding venue is that it can save money. Most hotels offer packages aimed at couples getting married, and booking your venue and any accommodation you need together in one package can save money. A pub, restaurant or hotel has everything you need to ensure your big day is memorable, but typically at a lower cost than many other wedding venues that compete for your business. And of course, you will probably want to serve your guests food; some of the tastiest and freshest meals and snacks can be enjoyed in a country hotel or pub. As you are getting married you will probably have to organise what seems like a hundred other things, including flowers, seating, live music at the reception, and perhaps transportation for guests to and from the airport railway station. Many hotels and pubs can arrange all this and more. If you are planning your wedding and are anxious to save time and money, choosing a pub, hotel or restaurant as your venue may be the answer.